Are you in need of graphics for you next event? Is it for your business? We provide logos for business, weddings and more, and we also supply our clients with flyers for their events. Whatever you need, we’ll be able to provide.


Invitations aren’t ONLY for weddings! We can service your invitations for your wedding as well as baby showers, birthdays, and more!


Whether you need your makeup done for a special occasion or for a girls night out, we can give you a look that’ll enhance your natural beauty.

Wedding Bouquets

Natural flowers can cost a fortune, just to wither and die afterwards. We specialize in high-quality faux flower bouquets that will stay “fresh” indefinitely.

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About The Artist

Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Mercy Ameyaw and I’m the creative behind BeauTiwaa Ink. I have always had a keen interest in art of all forms from a young age. I was always the student drawing calligraphy, bubble letters, and symbols all over her notebook. In Elementary School, I had the opportunity to participate in summer sessions at the Worcester Art Museum, which cultivated my talents. In Junior High School, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Worcester Center for Crafts and teach young children how to exercise their creative talents. All of these opportunities helped shape me into the creative and artistic individual I am today.

I later grew a fascination for Adobe Photoshop and began doing small projects for fun and then officially started doing logos and flyers for businesses, churches, and anyone that needed materials, handouts and posters for their events. I love crafts and designing! I love to put my brain to test to find out which creative ideas I can come up with.

My passion is creativity! My creativity is expressed through BeauTiwaa Ink.

I’ve spent several years doing makeup for myself and others. When I first began, I would practice not only on myself, but on my sister and any friends who had no problem with me applying my touch to their beautiful faces. I took it seriously and made time to perfect this craft as well, thus allowing me to move forward with brides, bridesmaids, and prom clients.

When it comes to invitation suites and faux flower bouquets, it all started when I was getting married. I was always the DIY queen and it would be no different when it came to completing tasks for my wedding, and so I took those jobs on. I created invitations for my own guests and went ahead to make the bouquets for myself, my 8 bridesmaids and my flower girl.

Did I forget to mention that I’m also a wife and a mother to two amazing children? My hands get full, but due to my love for crafts and designing, I always make time to fulfill the requests of my clients! Every bit of my story sets me up to be an experienced artist that is ready to assist you with all of your needs. This dream all started out as a hobby and by God’s grace, people keep coming back for more of my services!


Mercy Ameyaw

556 +

Canvas’ Created

750 +

Envelopes Sealed

3,650 +

Days of Makeup Obsession

1,256 +

Flowers Cut & Arranged

BeauTiwaa Ink created my wedding monogram, my wedding invitations, my wedding bouquets and also did the makeup for my Traditional Wedding. Throughout the entire experience, she remained true to her timeline and was swift to deliver any changes that needed to be made. When it came to my makeup, it was absolutely flawless. She gave me a beautiful look with bold lips for my special day. I recommend her to anyone that needs her services. You can get so much accomplished with BeauTiwaa Ink without having to find several individuals to do the job. It’s your one-stop-shop!

Cynthia Akita

BeauTiwaa Ink is pure passion and gift coming together to produce extraordinary work. The artist takes pride in providing quality service and you will surely be satisfied!

Clarrisa Basil

I would highly recommend Mercy. She was very patient and made me feel extremely comfortable as it was my first time wearing makeup. She made sure that I not only felt comfortable, but made me feel very beautiful. She came to my location on time, and overall, she made my prom makeup experience smooth and FLAWLESS!

Doxa Asibey

For the 10+ years that I’ve known Mercy, she’s always enjoyed Creative arts and is gifted in diverse modes. From making promotional flyers and videos for student organizations’ events, to decorating ballrooms, to setting up reception hall for a friend’s wedding etc. You name it, she’s likely done it and done it well. Beyond her talent though, and most important to me is her reliability. Perhaps you may find businesses that offer similar services but I strongly believe you’ll be hard pressed to find one with a person as reliable. And we all know when it comes to event planning, reliability is EVERYTHING. Talent only goes as far as the person being reliable enough to deliver when you need them to deliver. And Beautiwaa Ink has always delivered- from my wedding makeup, baby shower makeup, baby shower flyers, family shoot makeup, pregnancy announcement makeup etc- and has delivered exquisitely and meticulously. But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

Ivy Dika

I had my prom hair and makeup done by BeauTiwaa Ink and it was amazing! I usually don’t like my makeup done because it takes a while, but BeauTiwaa was quick with it and I was so happy with the results.

Natalie Lamptey
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